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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Shut (the f*ck) Up and Get it Done

I SERIOUSLY needed this message from Perry Noble this morning as I was driving out to Fellsmere for work, thinking about what I should be writing about, the devil was at play.

As I have so been sitting here saying that I can’t do this thing God has called me to do because I don’t have…FILL IN THE BLANK.

PLEASE!!! SHUT (the f*ck) UP and GET IT DONE!!!

I am NOT Limited…because God has called me to do this thing.

Me:…STOP poor mouthing your writing and telling yourself about all of the things you don’t have.

“I don’t have time”
“I don’t have a clear vision”
“I don’t know how to write”
“No one’s going to read it”

AND… SELF I’ll tell you what else you don’t have if you are always poor mouthing…

You don’t have a vision to do great things
You don’t have faith to accomplish that vision
You don’t have a view of God where He is high and lifted up, one where He REIGNS over circumstances and isn’t controlled by them.
You don’t have the faith of a mustard seed!

Perhaps it would be best if I didn't sit here insulting God, as Furtick so beautifully points out in his blog about "how to make God angry". This was a lovely little wake up call this morning. I really need to get over myself and let God do what he wants to do!

* My apologies to Mr. Noble in event that he were to ever see this!

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