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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Don't Get Mad

I received an email this morning that began; Let me start off by saying, “Don’t get mad.” Of course my first thought was, Uh oh, but as I read on, I kept thinking, How could I possibly be mad???

My friend, Gil, had recognized something I needed to do and gone ahead and completed the task on my behalf. I suspect he feared he was overstepping boundaries, but I was completely and totally overwhelmed with gratitude! Not only had he given thought to some steps I need to take to protect myself on here, but also took the time to get the ball rolling and then he bothered to take the time to explain it all to me.

How could I possibly be mad? How could I possibly reject the attention and the assistance? How could I not rejoice at having such amazingly loving and supportive people in my life? I’m sorry that for one millisecond, he even had a moment of concern that I would be mad! I am completely humbled by his willingness to invest in what I’m doing here and completely overwhelmed by his support.

My point in telling this story though is that I think God responds the exact same way.

Since publishing “Next Fall” on here, I’ve been a little concerned about people’s response to me essentially telling our heavenly Father to sit on it and spin, albeit in a moment of pain and weakness on my part. My response to what God was telling me in that instance was hardly reverent or humble and I can certainly see why most folks would certainly take offense to what I said. While I’m not touting making this a regular occurrence, let’s take a second to look at it from the perspective of the throne.

Every minute, every second of the day, God is there; watching over us, providing for us, guiding us and loving us. He is always looking out for our best interest even when our feeble little minds can’t see that since we are not necessarily “getting our way”. He is always there waiting, patiently, for us to see him, stop and wave, and acknowledge him, as he sends light and love our way.

So, I’m thinking that if God got an email from me that began, “Let me start off by saying, “Don’t get mad. I have done this and this and this because I thought this, this and this.” He’d likely have a similar response that I had to Gil’s email, which was “omg, honey, thanks!! Thanks for coming to me and having this conversation with me. Thanks for trusting me with your insight, let’s figure this thing out”.

For not one second, should we hesitate to take him our pain, anger, or our frustrations; our shit, if you will. He can take it. He doesn’t care. It’s not exactly like he didn’t know it was all going to happen a billion years ago. It’s hardly news to him that we’re full of crap, egos and hubris. He doesn’t care! How amazing is that! He is just so stinking excited that we took the time to look up and come to him and he’s grateful for our attention. We are his children; his hearts that are walking around outside of his body. He just wants us to look up, and let him take the rest from there.

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  1. You are awesome. You are amazing. Thank you for sharing, and it's a privilege to be able to be here for you. And now that you've embarked on this journey with words, I feel like I am here with you as well. Remember what I told you on that plane before we jumped?

  2. I do, I do!!! And, it has 'lift'ed me time after time!!!