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Saturday, January 8, 2011


Happy Saturday morning to you all!

I'm hearing from several of you that you haven't been able to leave comments.  As I'm one who does appreciate a little gratification from time to time, I really hate to be missing them!  I have all the settings in place for anyone to leave a message at any time, and I've double and even triple checked to make sure that all comments are enabled so if you could help me figure out the problem, I'd be indebted! 

As you attempt to leave a comment, make sure you choose an identity (even if it's anonymous) after typing your post.  Then click on "Publish Your Comment".  If you've followed those steps and are getting an error message please let me know ( what it is and I'll continue the hunt for the root of the problem!

I hope it's a really great weekend for you all, whether your on the beach or bundled up in the warmth of a cozy fire! 

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