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Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's Not About Me

It’s not about me, It’s not about me, It’s not about me.

During the holiday season especially, I think it is easy to lose sight of this, and I, for one, NEED for this to be my mantra. As we hustle and bustle trying to get everything done, we often are so focused that we lose sight of that big old forest for all of the trees we stand in the midst of. From making lists and checking them twice to decking the halls on top of our normal busy lives, how are we supposed to keep any real perspective about the big picture?

“only one six billionth of this is about you” ~unknown

As the world’s population nears seven billion, our concerns, issues, problems, hopes and dreams are an infinitesimally small of fraction of what is really going on here. Only God has the bird’s eye perspective of how it all fits together. Only he knows the beginning and the end, yet we get so wrapped up in our own selves that most of the time we have absolutely NO GRIP on the reality of the situation.

The reality of the situation is that IT IS NOT ABOUT US. Now, you say, “what does that really mean, Linds?" That means, quite simply, that it is about Jesus and it is super important that we don’t lose sight of that, especially right now, only 16 days away from the day when we celebrate his birth and what it meant to those of us who love him.

Every good and wonderful thing in your life and in my life came from him . . . every single thing. Don’t think for a second that you are responsible for your 401(k). Do not think for one moment that something YOU did allowed for that big old beautiful house you’re living in, or that you really had anything at all to do with how amazing your children are turning out to be.

You might not like the ring of that, but that is the truth. All of those things you think you worked so hard for? Those are the ever loving arms of God’s grace embracing you. He gave you all of those things, not because the hard work you did earned you a few extra bucks, but because he loves you!!! He adores you, and provides for you because he wants for your hearts to be content. End of story.

If we would just focus our eyes on him for a few moments each day, how we are going to get those cookies baked for little Johnny’s Christmas Party would suddenly become no big deal at all.

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